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First Birthday Present Ideas

First Birthday Present Ideas

Wow, how quickly that first year flies! With our daughters first birthday fast approaching, I wanted to put together a list of 10 first birthday present ideas! I’ve tried to include things that are vastly different from each other to give you some really interesting ideas.

Finding the perfect first birthday present can be hard, especially if you are shopping for someone else’s little one – you may not have a clue what they would actually like at this point of development! Some of my inclusions are more sentimental, while some veer more practical to everyday use.

We try and give our bub everything she could ever want! Sometimes this is tricky due to budget. There are some great options in thrift shops and discount stores for little filler presents that won’t set you back much at all. The quality you can find thrifting too can be such great value if you keep your eyes open!

I’ve also written a list of things you can do to celebrate a first birthday on a budget. Check that one out too if you want some really budget friendly ideas 🙂

Here are some of my favorite first birthday present ideas!

First Birthday Present Ideas

1) Clothes and shoes for the next year!

1yo’s generally don’t have alot of shoes and this is right around the time they will start walking, so getting some shoes can be a really practical gift. You will also need lots more clothes than a newborn as they mess them up so quickly now! Get bub some cute outfits, as well as staple items like bathers, hats, singlets and jumpsuits.

2) A piece of nice jewellery.

Jewellery can be a great way to commemorate your bub’s first birthday. Go with a simple monogrammed necklace or bracelet with a birthstone that your darling can hold onto through their life. 

3) Swimming lessons.

If you haven’t gotten your little one simming lessons yet, now is a great time to book some in. Little kids learn to swim fairly quickly, and it’s essential to their survival in some situations. I think this can be a really practical and needed gift. It’s also a great way to get out and socialise with other little tots and their mums!

4) Photoshoot.

If you love to remember occasions with photos, getting some professional photos just for the first birthday can be a treat for you too! You could dress bub nicely and go with a traditional photoshoot, or go with the new cake smash trend! I personally plan to create my own cake smash photoshoot on a budget at home. If a loved one has a nice camera and you don’t have a huge budget, rope them in as photographer and away you go!

5) Jumping castle/Ball Pit hybrid.

I asked Daddy what we should get little one for her birthday, he said a jumping castle! This makes sense, as our baby has a crazy amount of energy and loves to climb and wrestle with things. I’ve located one that I can also fill with balls and soft toys for her to climb into and explore in! We’re going to set it up the night before in her new play area and watch her go crazy in the morning. The one I found was from Kmart Australia for $50 but I’m sure there’s plenty other epic options out there!

6) Letters from loved ones.

A bit of a cheesy idea some might think. But think about who might be missing when your little one turns 18. Maybe they have some wise words they can impart as your little one becomes an adult. It would mean so much to have letters from some of those people I loved as a child throughout my adult life for moral support and memory.

7) First mini bike.

Your little one may be starting to learn how to sit on something like a chair, and why not explore this new development by helping them learning to balance on a baby bike! You will want one bub can sit and push along the ground with their feet, while learning to balance and grip the handles. You can help them pick up this new skill and watch them scoot around like crazy!

8) Toys galore!

My favorite toys to look at for one year old in particular are any that encourage them to stand. Musical tables, activity tables, a toddlers kitchen area or just a little table and chairs. These can all help encourage sit to stand play and get your bub standing more often! Toys at differrent levels provide great variety for little ones to explore. Also think about any toys that actively engage your child in an activity, to keep them entertained!

9) Foam mat squares & baby proofing.

If you haven’t had the chance to invest yet, you really need to right now. It’s crucial with your little one starting to walk! And I’m sure you’ve noticed how quickly they can break into things now, baby locks are a must! There are plenty of DIY baby proofing measures online as well. We will definitely be investing in some proper baby gates in our house this birthday, as well as a big foam mat for our play area. This should last us a fair while and be quite helpful for mummy and daddy too.

10) Endless amounts of love and fun!

The most important thing you can do for your little one is shower them with all your love and attention on their first birthday. While this should be an everyday thing, you can go really above and beyond today to spoil your child on their day. Favorite meals, plenty of cake, playing until we can’t play anymore, the works. After all, one year ago to the day you brought this beautiful new human into the world, and you should absorb as much of your time with them as you can.

So, that's the list I put together of first birthday present ideas I'd like to get my bub to celebrate. I might not be able to get them all, but these were my favorite ideas to pick from!

Also check out my list of things you can do on a budget to celebrate bub’s first birthday. Big birthday parties can be impractical for some, or maybe you just want some more sweet ideas on how to celebrate baby’s first birthday.

I’m so excited to wake her up on her birthday and see her reactions. Turning one, she’s just starting to become more aware and like a little toddler, not a baby anymore. I wish she was forever my tiny little baby who loved cuddling for hours on end! But I’ve only fallen more and more in love with this new little personality in my life with every day.

I hope you found a helpful first birthday present idea in here to take away with you! Let me know if you have any other ideas below, I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to subscribe as I put out something new every week!

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