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The Wonder Weeks app review

The Wonder Weeks app review

The Wonder Weeks app review is written for anyone looking for help understanding the language of their baby better. Being a new mum can be daunting. For me, I felt like I was going alright during the first few weeks with my newborn. I could slowly start to notice her cues and we formed a bond very quickly.

However, at around 2 weeks old I was recommended The Wonder Weeks app by my cousin who’d also just had a baby, from how much she’d gained by it.

The world of The Wonder Weeks started many years ago in book form I believe, however has in past years evolved into a really useful app as well. After using it’s free version for the last year, I wanted to provide some insights into the app specifically with my The Wonder Weeks app review. Installation was a breeze and I was welcomed by the neutral colour palette the app provides.

How to use The Wonder Weeks app

I’ll start by talking about the app itself. The free version that I have currently is downloadable on the iTunes and Android stores, and has a cute little light yellow icon with a cartoon baby.

Upon opening the app, you can set a unique profile for your baby! This includes a photo and name which appear at the very top. Below that, you will see a summary of ‘This Week’ in your babies Wonder Week development. From this homepage, you have the option to click a ‘more’ button.

This opens up a whole new world of The Wonder Weeks app, providing you with a more detailed look at your babies mental development. And this includes 4 new tabs of really accurate info on age-related abilities, signs of mental ‘leaps’ in development – which is a huge focus of the app – and detailed ways you can help your baby learn.

Exiting out of the ‘more’ option now and heading back to the homepage, you can see that next to the more option is a ‘chart’ button. This button takes you to the Wonder Weeks app’s inner calendar, which tracks your babies age by due date to accurately create a calendar visual. And this helps you to know when baby is likely to make age-related mental ‘leaps’. Keeping with a lovely neutral aesthetic, they use little storm phases and sunny periods to demonstrate this concept. A key is also provided at the bottom to easily understand their system.

Exiting back to the homepage again, the final button next to ‘chart’ is ‘notes’. Clicking this will allow you to make your own notes with a title and then space to type more information. This makes it really easy to write down anytime you notice new little behaviours emerge, changes in attitude or developmental milestones!

But wait, there's more

You will also notice along the bottom of the app options to select other than your homepage for this week.

The Wonder Weeks app then provides you with detailed information on leaps, the chart and how the app works.

You also have access to an archive of your notes. They also give you a general settings which lets you toggle on/off leap reminders to your phone, app tutorials and more.

Does The Wonder Weeks app work?


Before my first baby, I hadn’t even really held a newborn since my youngest brother 16 years ago.

Thankfully, being a mum was and is very instinctual and this helped greatly during those first couple of weeks bonding with baby.

The stress of not knowing exactly what I was doing though and feeling fairly alone while doing it could get to me at times, and I really wished I could just know straight away why my baby was acting the way it was.

After sitting down and reading the information provided on The Wonder Weeks app, I felt like a whole entire new world opened up to me. Suddenly, it felt like I could understand the language of my baby and I felt in control, and ready to do everything to be the mum I wanted to be.

The Wonder Weeks app understands that babies have fussy phases, and has extensively researched over years to find common age-related periods where these fussy phases – also known as mental ‘leaps’ – occur.

And the accuracy of these periods specified on the app was actually scarily accurate, with most of our fussy phases occuring only a day or two around where the app would specify.

I would start to notice the 3 C’s they talk about coming on more often; clinging, crying and crankiness as she entered these phases, but towards the end she would start to become more herself again.

You could also clearly see the new connections her brain was making just through her behaviours and new abilities! It was so detailed and accurate from the first leap at only a few weeks old.

I learnt my baby was usually getting fussier when her brain was making huge mental strides. In the happy period after, she would continue to work on finetuning the new skills and connections she was making.

The Wonder Weeks app also provides you with helpful things you can do to interact with your baby from the first few weeks of their tiny lives, to help encourage those mental connections to become stronger.

The more I played with my baby, the more I felt connected, understanding and properly supportive of her development, even when she was tiny.

And the ideas they give you are all so simple and practical, yet they accomodate directly to the new mental developments your baby will be experiencing, like recognising faces, or recognising a toy as an actual toy!

If you’re anything like me as well, I don’t take well to other people telling me what to do with my baby.

The Wonder Weeks app lets you learn about development in a really easy, straightforward way without being a pushy mum. They like to always say ‘your baby will never show all these signs at once’, and I always appreciated the way that made every baby’s development become a personal thing.

I highly recommend The Wonder Weeks app.

so I’m admitting that I haven’t gone out and purchased the entire book which has stacks more information if you want it. I just found that the free app version provided me with literally everything I needed to be able to understand my baby better.

I hope you enjoyed reading The Wonder Weeks app review! I’m in no way affiliated with The Wonder Weeks at all, I just really found the app made a huge difference in mine and baby’s first year. I give it a 10/10 positive review!

I’d love it if you had any thoughts on The Wonder Weeks. Did it work for you? Comment below!
Also, send this one out to a new mum – it’s really hard to find a free app that has so much use these days!

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