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New dad advice from a dad

New dad advice from a dad

Although there’s plenty of advice on the net for new mums nervous about parenthood, there’s less advice available for new dads from a dad.

I sat down with my partner and asked about different stages of the parenthood life that he’s experienced so far and these are his thoughts and tips to help prepare you for the big changes about to happen in your life.

The Pregnancy stage

To all you hardworking males out there, good luck. You’ll need it.
From a personal point of view, it’s hard being a new dad and coming to grips with the idea of being a new dad.

You must know one thing, you haven’t got it as hard as your missus does, trust me. You might think you do, but you really don’t. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have it hard.

Hormones are a thing. No offence. Use tea, sex or put on some good old house hunters to ensure your safety.

Random mood swings will happen throughout the whole of the pregnancy. This may be hard to deal with, but know that it’s a normal thing to happen with most women and that she doesn’t hate you one second and love you the next, she always hates you.

This will pass when the baby is born, so don’t worry.

Always be there for your girl, make her eat when she doesn’t want to eat, make her happy when she’s sad, encourage her to take care of herself and always make her feel good about herself, because that’s what she does for you all the time.

What I can see the number 1 important thing is, when a woman is pregnant, the state of their well-being has a high impact on the babies health and theirs.

For me being a dad my duties are to protect, cherish and take care of my family. And that’s the number one important thing of being a dad.

the labour

There’s not much advice to be given, just be there for your missus.

Hold her hand when she asks for your hand screaming and she squeezes it harder than a 7ft tradie on steroids.

Some women might punch, in that case, they might go for the lifeline. Protect the family jewels at all costs.

Bring heaps of food for your missus, as you will get hungry before, during and after.

If you’re a hardworking man and you’re tired when your missus goes into labour, always a good idea to sleep at the start when you get to the hospital because then you can be fully aware for the above things when she needs you.

Meeting your baby

Stay calm, don’t scream, take a deep breath, it’s only a placenta. These things come naturally with birth.

The happiest time in my life was when I first got to meet my beautiful baby. You never get that feeling back, until you have another.

Seeing them open their eyes for the first time is incredible, because they don’t know anything at this point.

All I can remember thinking was as parents now, it’s our job to protect this baby and bring up this baby to be a happy, healthy, well-adjusted human being. And to do so, there must be love and logic.

the newborn stage

It takes awhile to adjust to the screaming, from your missus and the baby. Things get a bit hectic at this point. These things most times are out of your control, so try not to blame yourself or your missus. And definitely not the kid.

You will both be lacking sleep.

You will then realise you don’t have a lot of time together with your missus anymore.

Work starts to become a drag and there becomes arguments, but fear not, this is all very normal and there are ways through it.

Your baby will start to get into a routine. If your missus is a babe, she will get up for you on work nights to feed the baby because she loves you.

Go outside to argue, never argue in front of the baby. Keep in mind, the babies brain is like a sponge at this point. Whatever you do, whatever you say, impacts on who the baby will become as an adult.

This is more for the missus than it is for the males, but sleep when the baby sleeps, because there won’t be any other time. Unless you have a legend of a baby.

Remember to show your baby as much love and attention when you’re home from work as you can.

It does get hard, because you’re tired from work, and it might’ve been a long day or drive or whatever it is, but this is the main point you gotta be strong for your family.

Never give up, no matter how hard it gets. Always do those things to ensure your baby grows up happy.

We hope you enjoyed this little bit of insight from a dad here at Indigo Horizons.

Let us know in the comments below the best advice you would give all those new dads out there!

new dad advice
new dad advice
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